mardi 18 février 2014


This is the geographic description of Macedonia where Alexander the Great was born : Its relief consists of mountain ranges extending in the northeast-southwest direction and marks a division between the basins of the Aegean Sea and the Danube River . Its highest point is Mount Golem Korab . Following the terrain from west to east , the river valley Vadar , the longest in the country, communicates with the Morava . The river system is supplemented by smaller rivers and the lakes : Ohrid , Prespa , Doiran and Mavrovo . About 36 % of the country is covered by forests : beech , oak and pine . The climate is continental with Mediterranean influences : the highlands , summers are hot and dry and cold winters with abundant snowfall . In the valleys , the two extreme seasons are milder . Climatic advantages that a people has , in their region , to the detriment of other people living in more arid regions , or more aggressive climates , do not represent fundamental importance in the conquests of the Macedonians . The Vikings were warriors and people living in a region of severe weather . Perhaps one of the advantages of the Macedonians was Macedonia 's geographic position , enabling them to advance toward both Europe and Asia, as it was at the junction of these two continents .

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